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Pin up soda

Using Modge Podge or Gessoprepare the surface of the bottle cap for painting. Using the purple paint pen: - carefully outline the half circles above and below GRAPE - draw a circle around the outer perimeter of the bottle cap, color in the outline and the space around the "GRAPE" the original design has a bit of white space between the black text and the purple background - draw the purple grape shape in the top half circle - using black paint pen, draw the black leaf shape next to the grapes Allow paint to dry completely.

Participated in the Halloween Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! Become a Patron! Remove the top of the safety pin. Bend open the two metal flanges that hold the head on. Use pliers to pull the head of the safety pin off.

Straighten out the bent portion of metal and position the pin on the bottle cap where you want to punch your holes. Punch the first hole using a punch tool or hammer and small nail. Position the pin where you want to punch the second hole. Punch the second hole and run the pin through it.

If you bend the edge of bottle cap, you can always fix it with pliers. Add the bend back into the pin. Put the pinhead back on, and squeeze the edges closed to secure it.

Print out the pattern from craftymcfangirl. Add the grape soda label with Mod Podge or glue. Once the label is on, let the glue dry completely before continuing.

Make sure to seal the edges well. When the top coat has dried, your project is done. Thanks for crafting with me. Up Necklace.

Each necklace is unique. A perfect gift from Geekymcfangirl. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Thank you in advance for shopping with them and supporting me. Any purchases you make help me develop more craft projects for craftymcfangirl.

Pixar Up Grape Soda Pin

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I left the cap outside so that it could dry quickly. While the bottle cap was drying I googled images of the grape soda pin. I took a screenshot of two different colors of the labels.

I loaded into a Microsoft Word document where I fixed the size of the images to the size of a bottle cap.

Make Your Own Disney Inspired Grape Soda Pin From Up

I cut out both of the labels and put them on the bottle cap to see which one looked better. I ended up liking the darker one. Once the bottle cap was dry I put the safety pin back in place and glued the label on. The entire project took less than an hour and all that I had to buy was spray paint which made it really cheap.

A few weeks ago I got to meet Ed Asner who plays Mr.

Introduction: Pixar Up Grape Soda Pin

Fredrickson in Up. He is so precious! You can read about that experience here.